ABS | Content Portals

Through ABS Content Portals, customers can now create a powerful new type of experience: external-facing websites that allow users outside their organizations to sign in with a wide variety of identities, create and view data in the Alliance Business Model, or even browse content anonymously. The full capabilities of the ABS Razor Engine for Content Portals, previously offered only as a Module, are now available right out of the box in every Alliance Business Suite instance.

Content Portals can extend the ABS Modules such as sales, customer service, marketing, service companion, project center, and ABS custom apps to external and internal audiences such as customers, suppliers, partners, and employees.

Customers can use Content Portals to set up an interactive, web-based sales, services, support, and social engagement application platform to connect with the customers, engage with communities, manage multimedia content, and empower your channel partners. Your imagination is the limit!

These capabilities feature a revamped end-to-end experience for technical and non-technical staff to quickly create a website and customize it with pages, layout, and content. Designers can reuse page designs through templates, add forms and views to display key data from the Alliance Business Model and publish it to users with the click of a button.

Content Portal's Tenancy

Content Portals are always owned by one Business Tenant. Interactions from audiences of this portal will always resolve to the scope of the Portal's Owner Tenant. For example, if a customer tries to log in to a portal, Authorization will be attempted against the Business Tenant that owns that portal.

This is incredibly powerful as it allows customers to have more than one portal hosted into the same Alliance Business Suite instance, creating like so a MultiPortal Network.