Contact Sight Module (CRM)

Welcome to the Alliance Business Suite | Contact Sight Module Documentation. These articles will enable you to work with the module to get the most out of your Alliance Business Suite instance.

At the very core of the Alliance Business Suite, a wide range of CMS capabilities have been built to give you the greatest extent of flexibility while supporting your business core cases to enable your organization to manage every relationship it has, to exponentially increase the value you deliver to your customers.

Types of Records

Types of records

Contact Records: In ABS ContactSight, most of the information service requests are typically managed in relation to an existing contact record. These contacts can represent both an Individual or an Organization (company or group of people) and they are also used by other modules, like accounting, sales, and marketing.

Contacts are the heart of the Alliance Business Suite. ABS ContactSight's customer management capabilities are designed to help you grow your business and make it easy to have a strong contact management strategy embedded in your operations to help increase your business income and accelerate productivity.

Although these are the typical uses of Individuals and Organizations, different deployments might use these record types differently. But they're both typically referred to as Contacts.

This common root between individuals and organizations allows you to set the related contact on any record, to either an individual or an organization contact record.

Contact Profile Records: Contact Profiles are records designed to isolate contact capabilities that could be used by other modules. For example, a Student Profile will allow a Contact to own course enrollments, grades, homework deliveries, completion certificates, and everything that's related to this type of profile. Likewise, Supplier Profiles will allow Contact Records to have work orders and purchase requests/invoices, and so on.