Welcome to the Infinity Comex Engine Documentation

Infinity Comex Engine builds on top of the proven Alliance Business Suite Retail capabilities to help businesses to deliver a comprehensive omnichannel solution that unifies back-office, in-store, call center, and digital experiences. Infinity Comex Engine enables you to build brand loyalty through a white-labeled store built to deliver personalized customer engagements, increase revenue, boost employee productivity, optimize operations to reduce costs, and drive supply chain efficiencies, ultimately delivering better business outcomes.

The Infinity Comex engine is constantly evolving to harness the entire power of the Alliance Business Model by extending through modular and fully customizable capabilities the Alliance Business Suite to deliver:

  • Everything you need to build and operate your eCommerce business.

The Alliance Business Suite and the infinity Comex engine are meant to be together! They work side-by-side to help businesses optimize their operations by cutting off inefficiencies and helping them to deliver spectacular omnichannel experiences. The Alliance Business Suite enables seamless content management, assets, promotions, inventory, and pricing across all channels.

  • Everything you need to protect your customers and your business.

The Alliance Business Platform's and Alliance Passport Services' security features and standards are deeply integrated into the Infinity Comex Engine. Authentication and Authorization flows are defined at a platform level by configuring (or extending) the APS Engine. Then, also at a platform level, security features like HTTPS enforcement, Encryption, HSTS, CORS, and others can be enabled, disabled, or configured through the Alliance Business Suite - Admin Portal. Also, EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) support is enabled for both ABP and ICX Engines.

To learn more about Data Protection across the Alliance Business Suite, please visit this link.

  • Everything you need to streamline your logistics and operations.

The Infinity Comex Engine is built on top of the Logistics module of the Alliance Business Suite. This allows the engine to read and write data directly from your logistic operations platform. The Infinity Comex engine also connects to several modules like ABS Subscriptions, ABS Marketing, ABS Accounting, and ABS Partners to help your business to deliver Amazon Quality-like Experiences to your customers.

  • Everything you need to build your brand and expose your business online.

Besides the fact that Infinity Comex Stores are fully customizable/white-label Customer-Facing solutions (which means your customers won't even know we're there), hundreds of external integrations allow users to connect and configure their favorite channels and applications through standard authentication protocols exposed by third-party developers.