Working with the Alliance Business Suite Connector (Formerly ABS Self).

The Alliance Business Suite contains several extensibility capabilities, including the ability to host Node.JS Applications, Angular and React interoperability, Workflow Definitions, and a tremendously powerful content management system, but without a doubt, its most extensible feature is the Alliance Business Platform API.

At its most basic level, the ABS Connect Integration is an extension of the Alliance Business Platform API designed to enable customers to set up and manage their integrations without complications. For example, by using the ABS Connector, you could set up Zapier in minutes!

The ABS Connector gives you the greatest extend of control over the integration capabilities of the Alliance Business Platform, enabling customers to create custom integrations that run on their own framework of choosing but still transact data with any given Alliance Business Suite instance.

ABS Connector makes it easy than ever before to configure both internal and external applications to connect to the Alliance Business Platform using industry-standard protocols and it provides an intuitive set of Studio Views to manage them.

Managing Application Credentials

Managing WebHooks