Fenix Alliance Online Services Overview

Fenix Alliance offers a set of cloud-based services designed to help customers to exceed expectations on their needs for security, reliability, and time-to-market. The Services provided by Fenix Alliance are constantly evolving and the form and nature of such Services (as well as the terms and conditions inherent in each of them) may change from time to time.

This section contains detailed service descriptions, information on how to access the Fenix Alliance Online Services, as well as guides, terms and conditions, and relevant related information.

Online Services Descriptions:

To get started, see the following service descriptions:


Fenix Alliance exposes a wide set of APIs for interoperability with Online Services. These APIs are divided into Service Endpoint Sets and can be used to create, read, update or delete information from an Online Business Tenant.


By using standard HTTP Requests customers can perform requests to a wide variety of service endpoints designed to follow the Open API Standard. By default, the Platform generates and exposes Swagger JSON in version 3.0 of the specification—officially called the OpenAPI Specification.

GraphQl API

Alliance Business Cloud

Alliance Pricing Center

Alliance Merchant Center

Alliance Developer Center

Alliance Partner Center

Alliance Support Center

Alliance Business Network

Alliance Pay Platform

Infinity Comex Marketplace

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