Managing Deal Units:

Deal Units are the first step towards managing your business opportunities since they come to life, to their final state. Deal Units allow you to link several Stock Items from which automatically calculates estimated revenues, profits, taxes, totals, and more.

A Deal unit represents a business opportunity, a deal that you want to start tracking. With a Deal Unit, you can forecast sales revenue, set a potential close date, and factor in the sale's probability.

How to Create a Deal Unit

You can create a new deal unit using several ways.

  • From a Cart: You can create a new Deal Unit from an existing Cart. This is useful when you want to start a process of cart abandonment recovery for some carts used in your business applications.
  • From an existing Deal Unit: Using the Sales Hub Module you can create Deal Units by cloning an existing Deal Unit.
  • Using the Outliner: Using the Sales Hub Module you can outline Deal Units directly from the Alliance Business Studio.

Adding Stock Items to Deal Units

When you add a Stock Item to a Deal Unit, you are creating a new Billing Item Record. See Managing Billing Item Records.