Managing Contact Records on Alliance Business Suite Contact Sight

Contact records store much of the information that your business collects from its customers. Contacts are one of the main records on the Alliance Business Model as they relate to pretty much every other record on the Database Schema, Contacts are required to create records such as Entitlements, Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Payments, Support Tickets and more.

Contact Types

There are two types of Contacts.

  • Individuals: Individuals are records used to store information about the people you know and work with.
  • Organizations: Organizations are records used to store data about companies you do business with.

Creating Contacts

To create either an Individual or an Organization using ABS Contact Sight, navigate to the module, click on the type of contact you wish to create. Select "Create New" and fill out, at the very least, the name and email for the new individual/organization.

Note: There are values you will only be able to create/modify within a contact only after this contact has been created.

Editing Contacts

To edit a Contact, navigate to Contact Sight Module on the Alliance Business Studio, click on the type of contact you wish to edit, find the contact on the Contacts Grid and click on it to open it on the Contact Edition View.

Deleting Contacts

To Delete a Contact, navigate to the contact you wish to delete and open it on the Contact Edition View. Under the Actions Bar, click on delete and confirm your intention by typing the contact's email. Contact Deletion requires special permissions to execute. Deleted contacts will remain hidden, but available for up to 30 days (depending on your Contact Deletion Policy) before permanent and unrecoverable deletion.

NOTE: Deleting Contacts will delete all their related data, like files, profiles, tasks, schedules, and more. Contacts with related Orders, Invoices, and Payments can't be deleted.